Vinyl Patio Cover Options

Vinyl...taking patio cover fabrication to new heights. With increasing awareness, vinyl is becoming the material of the future. Architects, landscape designers and home owners are requesting vinyl more often, for a worry-free patio cover. No painting or treating, just an occasional spray with your garden hose.

  • Vinyl does not radiate heat like aluminum materials and is also quiet in the rain.
  • There are no visible fasteners such as nails or screws to detract from the beauty of the surface.
  • Totally custom designed for your home and surroundings. Almost no limits to your possibilties. Combine it with your fence, house or arbor with options like lattice.
Styles - Choose a roof design
  • Solid
  • Open-air lathe
  • Louvered
Interlocking Assembly
  1. Vinyl post slips over galvinized metal post for strength and stability.
  2. Headers are secured with internal locking plates.
  3. Headers insert into posts.
  4. Beams are inserted through posts.
  5. Lathe is inserted through posts and beams.
  6. Caps are placed onto posts, beams and lathe.
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